Benjamin Wright ( Grammy Award  Winning Composer, Arranger, Musician, and Brandino's Friend )

This   is   a   real   pleasure    to   let    my    real    “Gumbo”  friend   “Mr.   Kelvin    Brandon”   know   just   what    I   think   of    him    and   these     wonderful   works   of   outstanding    live   jazz   music.

First   of   all    this    demonstrates   just   how    versatile   this    great    musician   really    is    because      I    always    call    him   for    more    “R&B   and   POP”    type     recording   sessions……..that    is    big    “string   dates”.    In   fact   I   start   by   letting   the   contractor    know    that   I   need    “Mr.  Kelvin   Brandon”   to    head    up    my    bass    section,   simply   because    I   write   aggressive     bass   parts   and   need    a   gigging    bass    player   that   bows!   
That    insures    me   that    the   pocket    will   be   there    in   the      string   section.    [thanks    Kelvin]
It     is    always    a   joy    to    be   around     Mr.    Brandon    because   he   keeps    everyone     cracking-up……
if   the   engineer   is   not   sharp    you   might  hear   laughter   on    some   of   my   string    dates,   because   of    Brandino.

Flip    the   script,    then    you    see   a   very   serious   jazz   musician   that  posses   all   of   the    “old   school    musicians   mannerism    that   spell  “real   musician”.    Damn    this    cat    can    really    play   that   big   old   bass!   
Check    out   of   these    live    tracks    then    you   can   see    and     feel   as   if   you   were   right   there   in   the   joint   as   these   master-pieces    were    being    performed.    Mr.   Brandon    I   used   to   think   that    “SOLO”   meant    “play    so   low   that   no   one     could   hear   you”    but   after   your     solo’s    there   is   no   question    in    my    mind   any   longer………”You’re     the    man”    not   only   that    “you  are   in   demand” ! 

Rob Payer  Music Director   WBRH Baton Rouge, La

On his latest release Brandino "Live"', bassist Kevin Brandon is freed of the constraints of the studio form and is allowed to

breathe musically. The ebb and flow of his lyrical style is highly complemented by his able fellow musicians,

pianist John Beasley and drummer Dale Alexander. Brandino continues to explore different styles and sounds,

but this latest exercise in the true jazz idiom is a personal favorite.

Reverend Andrea Daily

Brandino, you are one awesome spirit! I'm listening to your album now.

This is a gift that keeps on giving -- the music you three made is brilliant.

Thanks for including us in your journey!

This New Year is filled to overflowing with promise of abundance, joy, beauty and wholeness.

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Rodney Taylor, XRadio.Biz/OldSchool D.J.

Brandino has a very unique way of mixing the old with the new; tradition meets innovation.

Whether he's playin' acoustic or electric, his imaginative bass work speaks to the soul.

One of my personal favorites is Jimmy and Kev's Blues.  This blues will make you get happy !

Billy Childs ( World renown 20 th Century Composer, Arranger, Pianist, and over all Great Musican )

From the first note, the music is hard swinging and intensely energetic.

Kevin's trio is proof that there is a vibrant jazz-scene here in LA.

Rickey Minor ( American Idol  composer )

If you love to groove, this album is a must have! Brandino at his best!


  Anthony Marinelli ( composer )

"A fresh approach for a contemporary jazz album that harkens back  to a waning art form of live

emotional and spontaneous performances."