Brandino and Friends " Live at Charlie O's "

Brandino and Friends " Live at Charlie O's "
Volume 1

Track List:

Softly  as in the Morning Sunrise

The Begining of the End

Swamp Dog Blues



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Brandino & Friends:

"The average jazz band and average jazz listener expect the same-old
average jazz.  If that's you, you need to wake up and go see Brandino &
Friends.  They are anything but average.  While the instrumentation is
traditional, this band's approach to jazz ranges from muscular,
propulsive and meaty, to subtle, sophisticated and sensitive.  The
be-bop rages, and the ballads soar.  This is jazz the way it was meant
to be, not sanitized-for-your-protection but dangerous and moving and
churning and beautiful.  Brandino leads his friends' interplay and
coaxes musicianship of the highest caliber from them on piece after
piece, and while this is one entertainment all will certainly enjoy, the
average jazz listener will feel like they finally found a lush oasis
fountaining in the dusty desert. Brandino and Friends makes one excited
and thankful about Jazz again." by George Radai

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